Furniture for children, options for design and decoration.

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    Children's room.

    The special atmosphere of children in many ways affects not only the development of the individual child, but also forms his taste, his habits and hobbies, his hard work, takes care of his health. It is therefore important to pay special attention to adult children's room interior.

    Room for your child

    Children encompasses many worlds. She also serves as a bedroom, dressing room, living room, playroom, classroom, and a repository of countless riches. It is advisable to have your baby felt in my room independent. Let the interior exerts its beneficial effect on the psyche of the child.

    Children's room is usually isolated and not least, how it fits in with the rest of the apartment or house. It is desirable that the child was free if you want to be with adults, opening the door of his room, or, conversely, to be alone.

    Requirements to the microclimate of a child's room.

    The child should take the most light and sunny room. If you leave the room in an apartment on the opposite sides, and they are well illuminated by the sun (only at different times of day), it is best to equip a child in a room facing the east or southeast.

    Requirements to the microclimate of a child's room

    Because most healthy rays of the sun - morning, illuminating the room from 7 am until noon. They do not have a lot of infrared radiation, and there is a good, healthy UV light. If possible, select desirable that room was not passing and had a balcony.

    Children's room should meet the general requirements - to be light and well ventilated. Particular requirements for children's interior are determined by psychological characteristics of children who are dependent on age and are specific to each age group.

    Decorating the nursery.

    So you've decided to equip your child's room, not being a professional designer. It's okay! There are an infinite number of ways to transform a child, a little man to his own unique world full of imagination and beauty, comfort and parental warmth.

    Decorating Children's

    Construction of children's different from the usual dressing room adult. If adults living space is distributed among several areas of the house or apartment, the baby all the active work extends beyond a single room - the nursery.

    Making room for your child - it's a great way for parents to remember their childhood, to unite a family, and your child - the ability to do creative work.

    Children's furniture.

    Should look like children, that she liked, and adult and child? At what furniture to stay, what color, material and style to choose? How to place the selected model?

    Children's Furniture

    How much money do they need? These and many other important issues, sooner or later confront all parents. And the answer they have more than once, because the child grows, and with it changing the interior of his room.

    Some believe that the child can arrange the furniture adult - less hassle, it is still a child ever grows up. No need to repeatedly change the whole situation, or parts of it, do not suffer the problem of choosing a comfortable, beautiful, functional, safe furniture specifically for the child.

    The psychological climate of the nursery.

    Children are often very confusing creatures. To help understand what's going on in the soul of your offspring, the situation may be children. The interior itself in many ways and shapes the future identity.

    Preschool Room

    It has long been established that natural materials are best to influence the child's psyche. From infancy until about ten years, the child learns through touch, smell, sight. Touching, feeling, looking at a piece of wood, cone, leaf, baby gets a lot of information about the world.

    Children who grew up in nature, well-prepared for school, are able to accept new knowledge. If the house is saturated with plastic, glass, metal, high-tech fads, it is necessary to make adjustments to interior design. Ideally, children's room should be lined with eco-friendly wallpaper is decorated with natural fabrics, furniture is arranged almost untreated natural colors.


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